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Start An Avon Business | Become an Avon Rep OnlineMy Name is Cindy Artrip. I started an Avon Business more than 11 years ago, and I am approaching $500,000 in annual Team Sales. I have tried several approaches to building my Avon Business, Some were not so good, and some that work well, and help make my Avon Business Successful! Now, I want to give something back to new Reps Starting their Avon Business, on my team, or not. Naturally I am looking to build my own sales team, so if you are not yet an Avon Rep, please sign up to sell Avon on my sales team!  I bring my 10+ Years of experience in Avon Sales, and Team Building & Leadership to the table. I am ready to use that experience to help you start an Avon Business. On the pages of this site, you may find some good ideas, some inspiration, and some real help building your Avon Business. But first, if you are not yet an Avon Rep. Please finish reading this page and use the link below to Join Avon on My Sales Team!

Start An Avon Business – Your Why?

Start An Avon Business | Become Avon Rep OnlineI have had several jobs in my life, and every few years I found myself looking for a new job…. Restarting my work career all over again, learning new skills for my new job, relocating, driving more, and it seems with each new job, less time for myself. And of course, starting with no vacation time built up at all…. You may find that you are in the same “boat”, or you have had similar experiences, and you have begun looking for a career of your own, and decided to look at the Avon Opportunity. After my fourth Restart I started thinking I wanted something that was mine. Something I was going to work at, and as long as I did a good job, working at least as hard as I did for someone else, I would have a Great job, and one I would keep on my terms. By whatever means you have come to this page looking for a rewarding job, career, or spare time earning opportunity, you have come to the right place!

Start an Avon Business Online – Your Not Alone!

Start An Avon Business - Become An Avon Representative OnlineToday you have the opportunity to Start An Avon Business Online. And run a good part of that Avon business online too. A far cry from the old days when Avon Representatives worked their business mostly door-to-door. Avon started almost 130 years ago, and has a very rich history, and operates today in over 100 countries. Starting an Avon Business You would be joining Avon as one of over 6 Million Avon Representatives World Wide! With less than 300,000 Avon Reps. in the USA, you have a potential customer base of 300,000,000 US citizens. Do the math and you have roughly 1 Avon representative for every 1,000 US citizens. Not every one of those 300,000,000 Americans is ready to buy. Avon does have products for children, and men too, you may have to get Wives, and Girl Friends to buy the first personal care items for the men though…. Are you ready to Start an Avon Business yet? Remember you are not alone, there are over 6 million of us!

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Start an Avon Business Now !
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The time has never been better to start an Avon Business! If your ready to begin, click the Join Now button, it will take you to the online sign up form. You may have to enter a reference code, please use mine, to join my Avon Sales Team. Enter “cartrip” This form is new, and you may not have to enter the reference code as it’s suppose to be automatic from the link. Good Luck!

If you are not ready yet, or have questions please contact me, and read more on this site about running your Avon Business, and see my tips, and faq’s too.