Avon Campaign 12 Brochure – Makeup – Diet, Success!

Oh…. My Makeup needs to go on a Diet!. We all know the symptoms, caking, clumping, just looks bad….. It’s all because the makeup is just too heavy! Take a look ! Avon Campaign 12 Brochure tells it loud and proud – We Put Our Makeup on a DIET !

Avon Campaign 12 Brochure 2017
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How did they do it?  INVISIBLEND TECHNOLOGY. Avon’s exclusive patent-pending technology with skin-matching pigments in various sizes and shapes, softens light from every angle for perfectly invisible coverage. The liquid foundation is lightweight and oil free, leaving your skin looking and feeling great. This Foundation has SPF 15 for added skin protection. Get flawless full coverage, with a natural glowing look with this liquid foundation!

But that’s not all ~ Avon applied this special technology to it’s New Ideal Nude Cream Concealer too!

Avon Campaign 12 Brochure
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this special technology combines mattifying powder with featherweight water-based pigments for fresh and natural-looking coverage. I am looking forward to trying this new foundation!

Avon Campaign 12 Brochure – New Eye Shadow Quads too!

This is a great time to replace your Eye Shadow ! Make Campaign 12 your makeup-update for spring. These new bright colors and a special price $5.99 Marked down from $8.00 makes it much easier to freshen up your eye shadow.

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In the Avon Campaign 12 Brochure you will also find Avon True Color Glimmersticks on Sale for only $4.99 marked down from $7.00 ~ You can do a complete eye-makeover and save a bundle! So lets see….. you got new eyes…. Some really innovative Liquid Foundation….. hey, how about finishing up Campaign 12’s freshening up with a new Nail Color? Why not you deserve it! Take a look at these great colors, matched by some really hard to beat prices! Try Avon’s True Color Nail Pro +    

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You might even try this; If my nail girl does not have a color I like, (not very often) I take my favorite color with me and ask her to use it! I don’t ask for a discount or anything like that, But I often get a few complements, and at that point I say “I’m an Avon Rep. and that color is Avon!” And since my nail Girl already knows I sell Avon, it’s ok, and I often pick up a new friend, and new customer. I like this Nail Color, I find it wears well, but not great. It is a well liked product and I’m going to post a few reviews from my Avon e-store, and I invite you to go and check out all of the reviews, As a summary, there are 15 reviews, and it has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Avon True Color Pro Plus Nail Enamel Campaign 12 Brochure Online

Lets see the comments and reviews ! – remember there are 15 as of this post @ my e-store. If you chose to try this nail color please take the time to return and post your own review !

By Happy1    5 Stars        “Pretty colors”

from Elgin, IL

Verified Buyer

Beautiful colors. Wears well, looks great.

  • Age:
  • 55 yrs and older
  • I shop Avon:
  • 4-6 x a year

By SB     4 Stars    “Love the richness of color”

from augusta, ga

Verified Buyer

Rich color, does last longer than normal. However, does not last 12 days on your hands. Still going strong on my toes though 😀

  • Age:
  • 25-34
  • I shop Avon:
  • 4-6 x a year

Avon True Color Bold Lipstick On Sale for $5.99 Marked down from $8.00 in the Avon Campaign 12 Brochure.

This lipstick is lonely with only 2 reviews, but they are both 5 Star ratings. If you take advantage of this price special, please take the time to return after you have used it and post your own review. ~ Thanks.

Avon Campaign 12 Brochure Slams The Price of Makeup DOWN  ! !

Pages 18 – 24 of Campaign 12 Brochure includes Makeup, Foundation, Lip Color, and select Nail Color Accessories on SALE Buy One Get One Half Price ! ~ Way too much to list and go over individually, But take a look at the Avon Brochure Online here. This link will open in a new window. I also have to make a disclaimer here: Avon Automatically updates the Brochure to the current one at my e-store, so If you don’t see Campaign 12, we past it. Don’t forget you can back order 2 past campaigns when you place your order, so If you miss this sale, there still is that little escape clause….. (Gotta Love It!) Campaign 12 runs approximately from 5-14-17  ~  5-29-17.

Pages 25 – 31 More Savings on Makeup ! Savings on Lip Gloss, Mascara, and more, All on Sale Buy 1 Get One Half Price ! again ! Mix and Match Second one Equal of Lesser Value – But Still a Great Deal !

Campaign 12 Brochure Avon Bug Guard Savings Continue !

Pages 32 – 34 Avon Bug Guard Still On Sale ! Don’t miss out – just because YOU may not have been bitten yet doesn’t mean mosquitoes are not grouping up and planning their next man-woman-kids-BBQ in your back yard or outdoor event. Check it out !

Order Avon Bug Guard Online
Order Avon Bug Guard Online Click the Image !


Order Avon Bug Guard Online
Order Avon Bug Guard Online Click the image – both images linked to the same place ! Thanks !

Just because you don’t see it here doesn’t mean it’s not on sale ! Please use the link above or click the image to go directly to my e-store and order your Avon Bug Guard Online !

At the risk once again, of making this post too long….. Avon Skin So Soft is on Sale and there is a new Spring Scent called Summer Soft – with notes of Peony and Sensual Vanilla ! Worth a try, Vanilla seems to just go with Spring !

Avon Campaign 12-Brochure 2017
Avon Campaign 12-Brochure

This is one of those Stock Up times, when Avon has almost all of the Skin So Soft On Sale at almost a full 50% off! Take advantage of this sale and get a few for gifts, or keep an extra so you don’t run out when your favorite is off sale! ~ Remember I gave you fair warning!

Ok, It’s time to wrap this up. Don’t forget to look at the entire Campaign 12 Brochure Online at my Avon e-store Campaign 12 is active from May 15th to about May 29th, remember you can always order Avon back 2 Campaigns if you missed a special.

Also take a look at Avon’s Jewelry and other great stuff Online !

See you next time !




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