Avon Campaign 22 Brochure – The Insiders Guide to Skin Care

It’s Avon Answer time! Navigating skin care treatments can be an ordeal. I know it, I sell skin care, and even I need to use a guide so I give customers the right advise. So Avon takes on the task, and for all of us in the Avon Campaign 22 Brochure – they give us a guide – And a Skin Care Sale! And new for Campaign 22 A new A-Box ! Take a look at the front, and rear covers of the Avon Campaign 22 Brochure.

Avon Campaign 22 Brochure
Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

Open up the new Avon Brochure, or visit the Avon Brochure Online at my Avon e-store – click on “Shop Brochure” and on page 2 you see the first of Avon’s Skin Care shopping guide. Take a look here, and I can get you started…

Avon Skin Care Guide | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure
Avon Skin Care Guide | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

We begin with the Avon Anew Ultimate Skin Care & Treatment line. These are the top of the line in Avon Skin Care. Avon has been working to make Skin Care a lot easier, For Example, you can now get this Avon Anew Regimen Kit. Inside the Kit are products that work together and are grouped to give specific results. See what you get, and how it works.

Avon Anew Regimen Kit Campaign 22 Brochure
Avon Anew Regimen Kit Campaign 22 Brochure – Click the image & get this Kit Online Now!

Take a closer look at this kit here: From Product Description:

Experts agree that a basic skin care regimen is essential to a lifetime of beautiful skin. Anew Ultimate is specifically designed to transform the look of 10 key signs of aging for visible results.

1. Start with the Power Serum to boost the benefits of your moisturizers.
2. Apply either the Day Cream, which plumps out wrinkles, provides essential hydration and shields your skin from damaging UV rays, or the Night Cream, which restores the look of youthful elasticity and delivers moisturizing ingredients as your skin repairs itself.
3. Lastly, treat the delicate, thin skin around your eyes with the Eye System to improve firmness.

• Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 1.7 fl. oz.
• Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream 1.7 fl. oz. net. Wt.
• Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Eye System cream .5 oz., elixir .09 oz. net. wt.
• Anew Power Serum Mini .24 fl. oz.

Get all these fine products all in one package for a great price, and use it as it’s instructions indicate and see a big improvement in your skin in about 90 days! Next lets work on our eyes. If your eyes look old, then it’s a good bet you have even more areas that need work. Get your eye area looking younger is a great first step to a total skin care youth-a-facation, the Avon Way !

Avon Campaign 22 Brochure | Avon Anew Eye Treatment
Avon Campaign 22 Brochure | Avon Anew Eye Treatment

The Avon Anew Clinical line targets the hardest areas to treat. And targets those areas with top rated products that have performed well over the years. Find many of the Avon Anew Clinical Treatments On Sale for around 30% Off for Campaign 22.

Avon Campaign 22 Brochure Skin Care Sale October
Avon Campaign 22 Brochure Skin Care Sale October

From the page above find most products with an approximate 20% – 30% savings! Take a look at these favorites:

Did you know that many of the great Avon sale prices can be found here on a single link from the home page at my Avon Online e-store. Simply go to my e-store and click on Avon Sales and Promotions. The link is pink and part way down on the center of the home page. From the Avon Sales and Promotions page you can narrow down the area you are interested in, like Makeup Specials.

Now meet the Avon A-List! These are great to have around for those times when you feel the need to work on a trouble spot, and we all have them. So why not have the magic potions on hand….. And believe it or not, a lot of my own Go-To’s are right on this page!

Avon Campaign 22 Brochure 2017
Avon Campaign 22 Brochure 2017

So lets take a closer look at each of the great items on page 6 & 7…..

  • Avon Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Systems. Including from above, the Avon Anew Multi-Performance Day Cream. <– This link goes to my store for easy purchase. This is a highly rated product used for firming, tightening, and restoring a youthful appearance to your skin. And it’s available in a lower priced travel size too.
  • Avon Anew Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream. This 4.5 star rated Anew Product is a quick acting Face Lifting and firming cream. With 405 positive reviews this product delivers what it says! See results in as little as 3 days, and a 50+% improvement in 4 weeks! On Sale now for almost 30% off!
  • Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector – At just about 28% OFF – this Facial cream restores youthfulness by plumping skin, And Removes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With a 4.4/5 Star rating from over 380 users, this product is well liked, and works!
  • Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Créme – With Black Pearl Extract, known to enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture, our advanced performance night crème dramatically improves visible signs of aging, with immediate and long-term results on most visible signs of aging, including deep wrinkles, creases, expression lines and skin firmness. – On Sale for 30% OFF it’s regular price of $50. For only $34.99 It’s a great time to give yourself this youthful gift. This is also a highly rated product, with a 4.4/5 Star rating from over 94 users. Example: Comments about Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme: Wow this product is amazing. I almost spent twice the amount of some other product. I put in on every morning and my skins is looking and feeling great.
  • And finally: Avon Anew Power Serum – On Sale for 40% + OFF, You will love this product like the 280+ users who have awarded this fine product with a 4.3/5 Star Review. Regularly priced at $40. Now only $22.99. Anti-aging serum complements moisturizers to hydrate, smooth, and firm skin.  Advance Boost Technology helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles while increasing skin’s natural radiance.  Dramatically improves skin’s overall appearance. I think you’ll agree, this product is well worth a try!

One last page from the Guide to Avon Skin Care Issue. And just because I’m only focusing on a few pages in this important issue, I think for anyone who is serious about skin care, you should see the full Avon Brochure because this is such a great issue to keep for yourselves.

Avon Anew Skin Care Sale | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure Catalog
Avon Anew Skin Care Sale | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure Catalog

The 3 products featured on this page promise to deliver fast results, and they do it with near 30% to 50% Savings for you! Take a look at each of these a little closer….

  • First at the top of the page is the Anew Platinum Firm and Sculpt Cream for Neck and Chest I wrote about this earlier this year when it was introduced. Now this product has a firm following, 4.6/5 Star rating from 20 users. It also has a 40% OFF Sale attached to it’s price tag! Get this now for just $21.99, marked down from it’s $38. regular price! What does this wonderful product do you ask…? Recontours the look of sagging skin
    Helps minimize the appearance for sagging skin and wrinkles. Visibly smooths and tightens skin. Helps restore the look of youthful skin. 95% of women showed a visibly re-contoured neck area*
  • Next up is the Avon Anew Clinical Overnight Hydration MaskCurrently $22.99 – A nearly 22% OFF the regular price of $30. The unique gel formula is light on your skin while deeply replenishing lost moisture. This hydrating formula contains encapsulated hyaluronic acid and shea butter for better absorption and smoother skin, plumping its looks. Fragrance-free, paraben-free, and oil-free means this face mask is suitable for sensitive skin. With 4.7/5 Star Rating from over 130 Users, This is a customer favorite!
  • And finally, The Anew Clinical Retexturizing Peel At just under 10% off, this gem works wonders for just $19.99. BENEFITS:  Cleans skin and heals blemishes. Smooths and brightens skin for younger appearance. Exfoliates and resurfaces skin without drying it out, and makes skin feel firmer. Another well liked product with a 4.5/5 Star rating from nearly 600 users! Again, these are “fast fixes” designed to work a little faster. Please read the customer reviews for each of these as many users have added comments about how they use them. This product also comes in an Extra Strength Formula, and is also on sale for similar percentage savings.

The last item I want to show you in Skin Care is this limited edition Avon Targeted Face Masks With a Serum Boost.

Avon Beauty Boost Face Masks | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure
Avon Beauty Boost Face Masks | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

Lets look at these from the product description from my Avon Online Store:

Start multi-masking with the limited edition deluxe sampler set including six single-use targeted masks. Each 3 oz.

• Brightening mask (clay): glow with green tea and vitamin C
• Detox mask (clay): purify with charcoal and green clay
• Soothing mask (cream): gently calm with aloe vera
• Moisturizing mask (cream): hydrate with hyaluronic acid
• Firming mask (gel): tone with green coffee and honey
• Energizing mask (cream): revitalize with ginger and caffeine


• First, apply the serum.
• Then, use each mask alone or target specific areas of the face with different masks.

To me, this is a great chance to try these serums and use the face masks at a fantastic price. Hope they stick around after the limited run!

Fragrance Sale in Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

Avon Campaign 22 Brochure hosts a loaded fragrance Sale and here is just a sample. The sale begins back of page 67 and runs more than 10 pages.

Avon Fragrance Sale | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure
Avon Fragrance Sale | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

One of Avon’s very popular, and very pleasing scents is the Avon Ultra Sexy Fragrance line, and it’s all on sale! Yes, although you can see just a few on sale on this page, follow the link and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Inside the Avon Campaign 22 Brochure you will find many fragrance lines on sale, including these:

And you know I have not covered all the fragrances that are currently on sale. For more please Shop the Avon Brochure Online @ my Avon Store Online to see all the great Fragrance savings available.

Skin So Soft, Fashions, and Jewelry on sale in Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

Beginning on page 92 are some fantastic Skin Care products on sale. Starting with Avon Moisture Therapy, which you will find is a great moisturizing formula for hands, body, and feet too. Check out the entire line.

A few pages more and you will find Avon Skin So Soft On Sale, and some of the sale prices are quite good. Including something I often sell to men. Avon has this Shave Oil, and I have several customers that love it! So Give it a try for the men in your life.

Avon Skin So Soft Sale | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure
Avon Skin So Soft Sale | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

And now I want to show you two areas where Avon has been really building up the quality, and quantity. I am fully impressed, and my customers have been buying more of these so I want to pass that on to all of my online customers too.

Take a look at the expanding Avon Fashion offerings and the Avon Fall Fashion line.Here is an example of some fresh new looks from the Avon Fall Fashion Playbook.

Avon Fashion | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure
Avon Fashion | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

I invite you to look at all the new and exciting fashion items Avon has all year round online at my Avon e-store. And remind you that the page above is just a sample, and that at these prices, it’s too good an offer not to take a look.

And with the winter holidays coming up fast, I want to call your attention to Avon Jewelry. Jewelry is a great holiday gift. For spouses to give, for friends to give, and got parents to give to kids, or Grand-kids. Take a look at this new Avon Fall Fashion Jewelry set Made for Avon, Called the  Nadia Collection. Isn’t it beautiful? – YES !

Buy Avon Jewelry | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure
Buy Avon Jewelry | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

I have seen these large stone jewelry necklaces, rings, and bracelets more, and more. They are becoming more popular, and have a large beautiful presence on solid fall colors. They really make a bold statement. You can see in both the above, and below image that these pieces lay wonderfully against the tans and darker solids of Fall Fashion.

Avon Fall Fashions Jewelry collection | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure
Avon Fall Fashions Jewelry collection | Avon Campaign 22 Brochure

See the Avon Gemma Mixed Stone Collection here, for $35. and the Avon Twilight Collection here.

This closes out my Avon Campaign 22 Brochure Review. As always I can’t possibly cover all the great items on sale for this campaign. I invite you to shop the Avon Brochure Online at my Avon e-store any time.

And I remind you that the Avon Campaign 22 Brochure is Active from 10/1/17 through 10/15/17 but you can always order from this campaign for the next 4 weeks, through the next 2 campaigns, and still get these prices. Naturally, it is possible for some sale items to be sold out, so don’t wait too long if you see something you really want!


Have a great day, Avon Representative Cindy.



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