Get your Avon Free Shipping Code easily right here as I update the special offers – or simply add your email to the email list and get free shipping codes delivered to your inbox each morning ! Free shipping code offers are posted on each page of my Avon e-store – simply visit my online store and click the Shop Now tab and see the standard free shipping with any size order, and the more generic flat rate shipping offer as well.


Free Shipping Code Avon
Click on the image to visit my Avon Online Store !

Avon Shipping Code for any order

Avon Offers Free Shipping on orders over a specific size, usually at the $40. order size. As seen in the image below. They will also print the current flat rate shipping code for any order. In many cases for the shipping rates posted on these pages there is no code. You will find they appear once you enter check out. Avon Free Shipping Codes are often sent by email as special offers and apply to specific items or specials they are currently running.


Free shipping code for any order
Here is a example of the free shipping coed Avon regularly offers.

Avon Coupon Codes to your Inbox

The best way to benefit from Avon Free Shipping offers is to add your email to Avon’s mailing list. That way you get direct offers not only for free shipping, but also on specific products, and bundles that are otherwise not advertised on the website! See this example from the email I get myself from Avon via email.
Get Avon Free Shipping Code

In this case the code is SHIP25 this they run quite often. And as you can see it has an expiration date noted at the bottom. Hope this helps, please sign up for email specials, you end up with the best savings that way !

Sign up for Free Shipping Codes & Offers

To add your email to My Avon Online e-Store please go to any Product page, or Product Category page and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. You will see this:

Click the image below and it will take you to a page on my e-store where you can sign up for savings !

Avon Free Shipping Code Form
Register for Avon Free Shipping Codes and email offers ! It’s Free !

Simply add one of your active email addresses and click “sign up” In one or two days you will begin receiving sale items from Avon directly. And Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time. The cancel link is at the bottom of each email they send you. And again once you click it, it will take a few days and you will stop receiving email specials and sale notices. This works, I tested it myself.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful Avon Day!



One thought on “Avon Free Shipping Code
  1. Thank you ! It seems lots of Avon Reps post free shipping codes all the time. Problem is, they are only good for 1 to 3 days, the longer ones are usually over a holiday or weekend. For the next day the repa add another page. Good for them, lots of pages for google to index, but bad for customers, as they have a lot to look through for a current code.

    Daily good codes usually are Free shipping with all $40.+ orders, no code needed.
    SHIP25 is a good one to try first as Avon runs this offer quite a bit, It’s free shipping on any $25. order.

    Thanks, and have a Great Day!


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